What Is The SEO Hero?

Simply put, an SEO Hero (or Heroine, of course) is a human capable of applying creative solutions to complex problems. The best heroes often encounter unique problems they have never dealt with, and apply a solution never conceived before. Occasionally after a bit of trial and error.

At the heart of search engine optimization lies experimentation. Search engine algorithms are essentially a black box which optimizers toy with. We are capable of sending input signals to the ranking algorithms, and then observe the output results. Any solution may be the correct solution; the most important thing to avoid is bias driven by anything other than data.

The SEO Hero Game Explained

The aim of this website is to serve as a whetstone for SEO minds. You must work your way through a series of URLs which guide you through the maze, however many are hidden by riddles and puzzles. If you aren’t on a page that specifically says you’ve reached the end of the level and a date for the next level release, there are more secrets yet to uncover.

It’s not the first time such a website has been created; I must give all due credit to Dean Cruddace for creating the first iteration I’ve seen of anything similar. You can view the current version of his digital puzzle here (v3).

Begin The SEO Hero Game Here.

Ever since his release of the first maze I was hooked. Unscrambling the purposefully difficult labyrinthian puzzle created by Dean was honestly addicting. I have been meaning to make my own for ages, and ‘lo, I had a happy coincidental catalyst for doing so finally. This website is also serving as part of a little SEO competition with Wix to rank in Google for the query [SEO Hero]. If you’d like to learn more about that, read on.